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Bookkeeping - £25 plus VAT per month

If the process of entering your income and expenditure into your accounting software is too time consuming or complicated then this service is for you. You will simply upload your bank statements or receipts to our secure online portal and we will look after the rest for you. Please refer to the Service Guide for full details.

Payroll - £5 plus VAT per month (per additional employee)

Our standard fixed fee accountancy and tax service includes payroll administration for up to 2 directors or employees. There is an additional fixed fee of £5 plus VAT per each additional employee to cover the costs associated with providing regular payslips and the year end filings.

Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax - £550 plus VAT (one-off)

If you are transferring to MBT after month 9 of your current financial year and you require us to prepare and file the annual accounts and corporation tax return then there will be a one-off discounted fee of £550 plus VAT to cover this service as you will not have made any monthly payments.

Dormant Company - £85 plus VAT per annum

If you have incorporated a company but are not using it yet, have a separate company that is dormant or have moved into an employment role for at least a full accounting period then this service will cover your annual filing obligations. The annual fee covers online preparation and filing of dormant accounts and the Companies House Annual Return form, including the £13 filing fee.

Company Formation - £100 plus VAT (one-off)

Our same-day formation service provides an electronic copy of the certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, plus additional registers, first minutes and share certificates. Unlike other formation services we also include the completion and filing of Corporation Tax registration form CT41G plus the PAYE and VAT registrations with HM Revenue & Customs.

IR35 Contract Assessment Services

If you would like peace of mind regarding your affairs please request a call back to discuss the IR35 contract assessment and additional protection services in further detail. In summary these are as follows:

Contract Assessment

The summary report will explain any key problem areas.

Full Contract Report

The report will provide a detailed opinion of the engagement with full suggested amendments. Our partners will be on hand to advise, explain and assist in updating the engagement terms.

Tax Compensation Cover

As a fixed fee accountancy and tax client you will be protected by our Tax Fee Protection Insurance and have the opportunity to upgrade the protection to include tax, national insurance, interest and penalties in the event that HM Revenue & Customs should successfully challenge your status. Tax Compensation Cover (TCC) is designed specifically to meet the requirements of freelancers. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

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"But I already have an accountant..."

We make changing accountants hassle-free by looking after the entire process for you.

First we establish the most appropriate time for you to transfer then we communicate directly with your existing accountants - all in accordance with ACCA guidelines.

You can then focus on working with us to bring your affairs up-to-date.